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Thank you for choosing Kiruna as destination for your upcoming holiday and thank you for your interest in our extraordinary tours !

This website provides you with a selection of travel packages and real night tours accomplished to increase the chance of experiencing the aurora in an unique way during your visit to Kiruna. But the aurora borealis, the northern lights, is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm – observing this nature play is mind blowing. But as much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see the northern lights during your stay in Kiruna. It's nature !
Our tours are created by inspiration of former visitors: Their basic question was always "why do all northern lights tours end so early when it is known that the strongest activity is to expect later at night ?" We have been continuously working on solutions to fulfill the demands of our visitors and today we are proud to offer you Kirunas biggest choice of REAL NIGHT TOURS. A selection of really extraordinary activities accomplished to increase your chances of experiencing the aurora in Sweden in a unique way during your visit in Kiruna. In - indeed - small groups to avoid stress and group dynamics. Because we understand that YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY.

Welcome to Kiruna - Lapland - Sweden. Warmly welcome to Kiruna Aurora Tours during the cold, cold aurora season

OUR TOURS 2016 - 2017

Our bestseller - Abisko Aurora excursion

Join us on the road to Abisko ! Our special Aurora excursion for individual travellers and photographers with advanced ambitions will bring you to Abisko - the "aurora village". Due to it's unique location Abisko is known for its many clear nights, which makes it one of the world's best places to see the aurora borealis ! Your driver-guide will meet you at 9.00 PM at your accommodation in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi. He will more

Barbeque under the aurora ...

For good friends and groups ! For visitors to Kiruna with interest in watching aurora borealis in calm and peace we offer this tour that covers the basics: Transfers, warm clothes, food, a campfire and the chance for northern lights!
We pick you up at your hotel in town at 8.00 PM by car. During a short stop at our basecamp you will be equipped ... read more here

Aurora nightshift

At app. 21.00 in the evening your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in town. After a car transfer to the basecamp you'll get warm clothes (overall, boots, cap, mittens). We will continue to a remote wilderness camp outside Kiruna. The wide open space and the remote location grant perfect view onto the ... read more here

Night time excursion by snowmobile

At 09.00 pm your guide will pick you up at your hotel in Kiruna to join this aurora snowmobile tour. After 15min drive you will reach the snowmobile base. Proper winter gear (overall, boots, mittens, facemask, warm cap) will be handed out to all participants before your guide will give you the instructions in safe and responsible operation of a snowmobile. During this excursion it will be two guests to share one machine.
Time for take off! Your experienced guide will drive ahead while ... read more

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Free Aurora photography guide !

You can download our free aurora photography guide as .pdf


See our tours under the midnight sun 2016


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Kiruna meteor shower excursions

Beginning with season 2016-2017 we are proud to invite you to a series of natural selected events in Kiruna that will come along with aurora borealis: Our Kiruna meteor shower nights excursions ! Many times a year, hundreds of celestial fireballs light up the night skies. They may be called shooting stars, but they don't really have anything to do with stars. These small space particles are meteoroidsand they are literally celestial debris. Whenever a meteoroid enters the atmosphere of the Earth, it generates a flash of light called a meteor, or "shooting star." High temperatures caused by friction between the meteoroid and gases in the Earth’s atmosphere heats the meteoroid to the point where it starts glowing. It is this glow that makes the meteoroid visible from the surface of ... read more